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I'm a software engineer and I play bass in Choice City Seven (motown/funk) and Manabi (salsa band) in Fort Collins, CO. I am also a graduate of Colorado State University with a bachelor of science in Applied Computing Technology.

I have a GitHub site here if you would like to see some code samples.

My interests vary but my primary passions are learning and music. I love to learn new skills and find new ways to solve problems. Music has been a major part of my life for the last two decades. I've learned how to play guitar, bass, drums, ukulele, a little piano and I'm currently working on writing a new song every week.

Art and photography are the fine arts that I dabble in. I also love to program and design software. Primarily games in my free time. It reminds me of playing with Legos when I was young.

I have a blog hosted by blogspot. My main intent was to document problems and solutions to software development. These are thing that I couldn't find on the internet already. The blog is here.

My wife and I have a movie review podcast called "On the Drive Home" (RSS - iTunes - facebook). I had another podcast (no active anymore) with some friends about video games, as well: Game Face Podcast.