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I've been playing music on the bass and guitar for over 15 years and have played with several bands. I'm always looking for new projects. I enjoy a varied style, mixing genres and experimenting with new sounds.

My favorite bands that I played in are listed below.

Choice City Seven
Choice City Seven is a funk, motown, acid fusion band and is based around making an eclectic colleciton of sounds.

You can hear us on Sound Cloud.

Solo Work

I started a project last year to write a new song (or at least start one) every week. Some of my favories from 2013 are here on SoundCloud.

The Above Average Cafeteria
Photo: AAC This band consisted of me on bass and Lee Leyba on drums. We were tired of playing the same section of a song for 10 minutes while the guitarist would solo forever. The idea was to mix things up as much as possible creating songs with over 20 parts, most not ever being repeated. The recordings below are not good quality but it's all we have.

Schizophrenic Monk
Photo: Schizophrenic Monk Photo: Schizophrenic Monk While we only got to play one show, we were very well received and made some very interesting music. Too bad this one didn't last; it would be amazing with a few more years and some more members.

The songs below are from our one and only album. Between each song we tried to add something to blend the songs together to create one experience.

Photo: Superglue My first band introduced 4 kids to song-writing, jamming and playing shows at high schools, fraternities and colleges. We made it to the recording studio twice in the 2 or 3 years we were together. Some of my favorite music came out of this band.

Below are my favorite songs from the band.

Steven Wayne Cobb & The Mammas' Boys
This new grass band played almost one hundred shows and had me touring Colorado's open road. Steve Cobb sang and played guitar, Josh Beard was on the banjo, Daniel was blowing the harmonica, Lee Leyba was on drums and I played the bass. It was good fun while it lasted.

The recordings below are from a live show we played in May of 2005. I can't remember where.

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