Wood Working

  • Computer Desk
  • UberCade
  • Pedal Board
  • Print Mover
  • Vindication Station
  • UberDrive
I've been needing to make a computer desk for quite some time now. I decided to go with a 3 tier design that would suite ergonomics for computing and have space for writing and studying.
Photo: Computer Desk Photo: Computer Desk Photo: Computer Desk Photo: Computer Desk Photo: Computer Desk

The ÜberCade was my first project. I've always been into video games and have very fond memories of hanging out at the arcade with friends and family. Given the current state of arcade and console emulators, I made this end-all-be-all arcade cabinet. It runs MAME and all the home console systems of yesteryear.

Download my manual for building your own arcade here.

UberCade UberCade UberCade UberCade UberCade
After looking for a pedal board online for a few weeks, I realized I could make something myself for around half the cost. It's been a great help for playing shows and practicing at other peoples jam rooms. I've embedded a power bar to the board since these pictures were taken.
Pedal Board Pedal Board Pedal Board Pedal Board
After working for a couple years as a projectionist, the act of moving up to 16 prints every Thursday night got pretty tedious (film weighs upward of 75lbs per movie). I knew there could be an easier way and thus sprung the idea of the print mover.

This contraption rises and falls to accompany the height of the different platters used for projection. The print mover has made Thursday nights much easier requiring only one person to move the prints safely from projector to projector. This leaves the other projectionist to break down movies we were losing or other tasks.

Print Mover Print Mover Print Mover
The Vindication Station was a gift to my turn table spinning roommate, Gavin (DJ Vin). My friends Lee and Justin helped to construct this piece of DJ'ing equipment for Gavin's birthday. It has a place for everything you could need: dual turn tables, dual CD players, mixer boards, records and headphones.
Vindication Station Vindication Station Vindication Station Vindication Station Vindication Station Vindication Station
What do you do after you make an upright arcade cabinet and feel the itch to create another gamming rig? You make the ÜberDrive: A full sized replica of the driving arcade cabinets that you actually climb into and race until you run out of quarters. One of the best features of this machine is that I added a real car seat from a 2000 Honda Civic I found at a junk yard. You can even move the seat forward/backward and tilt it up/down since it's mounted to the base.

Rather than having this run on emulators, I placed my X-Box and PS2 inside it for newer games. Burnout and Forza were the house favorites.

UberDrive UberDrive UberDrive UberDrive UberDrive UberDrive